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Italian POW's in Kenya


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Here's a very interesting site that details the lives, conditions and escapes of Italian prisoners in Kenya, captured after the defeat of the AOI in 1941. They were held in several locations in the country, and there were also camp's in British Somaliland, Tanganyika (Tanzania) and Uganda. The only successful escape was from Eldoret camp and involved Prince Vanni Corsini, with Captain Amedeo Marsaglia and Lieutenants Franco Tonelli, Mario Bonioli and Girolamo Nucci in 1943. Impersonating British soldiers, they commandeered a truck and after many adventures reached Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique), after travelling a distance of 1,740 miles.

Italian prisoners in Kenya 1943


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That is a very interesting site. I visited the Mount Kenya Safari Club near Nanyuki several times in the 1990s. I visited the military camp there, but didn't realize it was the site of the POW camp.

Thank you for sharing.


Agreed, a very good site, as a result of which I have purchased the book African Escape which is tale of escape from Kenyan POW camps.