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Italian reinforcements to Tunisia


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Hi, everyone, I try to collect some data on Axis reinforcement for Tunisia in Nov-Dec 1942. something like Pz, gun, units. What I have on hand is below :

10. Panzer division, with actual arrival of 19 x Pz II, 89 x Pz III, 8 x Pz IV and 6 x Pz Bef by early Dec 1942

Pz Abt. 190 for 90.Afrika division : 52 x Pz III, 10 x Pz IV and 7 x Pz II plus 2 x Bef

sPz Abt 501 with 20 x Tiger and 25 x Pz IIIN

18 x sdkfz 233 Panzerspahwagen

11 x Pz IV Lang for 15.Pz division and 11 x Pz IV Lang for 21.Pz division

Italian 131st Armored division and 80th Airtransportable division

Anything can be added ? Thank


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Italian forces arriving in Tunisia.
This list doesn't include forces arriving at Tripoli while it was still controlled by the Axis. There isn't any structure to this list except to group subordinates under their their higher unit comando. The dates are arrival dates the best I can determine. I generally did not list units arriving in 1Jan 1943 or later (one or two exceptions). Source is Il XXX corpo d'armata italiano in Tunisia allegato 1

Comando XXX corpo d’armata - 19 Dec 1942

Comando 1ª d.f. «Superga» - Between 19 Nov-15 Dec
Comando fanteria «Superga» by air 16 Nov and by sea 15 Dec
I/92º f. - 27 Nov
II/92º - 27 Nov
III/92º f. - 15 Dec
342º big. compl. - first half of Feb 1943
I/92º f. - 19 Dec
II/92º f. - 19 Dec
III/92º f. - 14 Nov
343º btg. compl. - first half Feb 1943
I btg. mortai - first part of Dec
I btg. c.c. - 19 Nov
I/5º rgt. artiglieria - 19 Nov
II/5º rgt. artiglieria - 19 Nov
21ª btr. da 20 c.a.- 2 Dec
34ª btr. da 20 c.a. - 28 Nov
301ª btr. da 20 c.a. - 22 Nov
CI btg. misto genio - 28 Nov and 21 Jan
I gr. motociclisti - 22 Dec

CXI btg. territoriale - 22 Dec

btg. «Grado» e «Bafile», Rgt. «San Marco» - 17-23 Nov

10º rgt. bers
XVI, XXXIV, LXIII btg. bers. - 15 Nov
10ª cp. motociclisti - 15 Nov

XXIV btg./5º rgt. bers - 11 Dec

CI btg. c.c. - 14-15 Nov
CXXXII big. c.c. - 29 Nov
CXXXVI btg. c.c. - 14 Nov

XV btg. carri M41/31º rgt - 1-10 Dec

DLVII gr. semv. da 75 - 14 Nov

I btg. volontari Tunisini - 16 Dec

69ª e 71ª btr. da 20 c.a. - first half of Dec

I gr. MILMART da 102/35 - first half of Dec

LVII gr. da 105/32 - last half of Dec

3º rgt. artiglieria c.a. - last half of Dec-first half of Jan
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The actual arrive of the german and italian units was an hodgepodge, the units arrive mixed, fragmented and so employed also from not organic units......so.....i have.......
-7 Pz rgt
-Tunisi ... 3 PzBefh, 2 PzIII (11/12/42)
-Tunisi ....2 MkIV (4. Pz Kompanie (26/11/42)
-Tunisi ....6 PzII (Stab + Stabskompanie/1. abteilung (28/11/42-1/12/42.
-Tunisi .... 17 PzIII (1. leichte Kompanie)(1/12/1942)
-Tunisi .... 17 PzIII (2. leichte Kompanie)(25/11/1942)
-Tunisi .... 17 PzIII (3. leichte Kompanie)(26/11/1942)

-Tunisi .... 3 PzIV (4. Schwere kompanie)(others Pz lost at sea)
-Tunisi .... Stab + la Stabskompanie/2. Abteilung (27-28/12/1942) (5 PzIII+5 PzII+2PzIV)
-Tunisi .... 6. leichte kompanie (27-28/11/1942)(16 PzIII)

-Tunisi .... 7. leichte kompanie (3/12/1942)(17 PzIII)
From 27/11/1942 and 5/12/1942 (arrive date) the entire division lost 2 PzKwII,16 PzKwIII,12PzKwIV e 3 Befh (at least all the 4,5 and 8 kompanie)
The 10. Kradschutzen Btn arrive to Tunis from 26/11/1942 to 15/12/1942 and so the 90.o Pz Jager Rgt and pioniere btl. The flak went to Tunisia from 15/12/1942. The last unit to arrive Tunisia was the Pz Gren Rgt.

190 Pz abteilung that was the original Pz abteilung of the 90. Leichte division disembark to Bengasi but immediately divert to Tunis and Bizerte to join the 5 PzAOK. The unit lost almost 20 tank during the travel .

The 501 Schwere Pz abteilung never have the total amount of tanks.........the maximum 18 PzVI and 14 PzIII in February 1943........

The Centauro never have all the units......557 Battaglione semovente fought separately with 5AOK, so part of the genio divisionale and artillery......

all the best