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Italian soldiers and Vehicles in Video games (3rd person)

The all time classic, Forgotten Hope 2:

Infantry and tanks featured:
Breda Mod 30
Various Rifles
Semovente 75/18

The fan made Secret weapons has the P40, and IIRC the Bassotto.

Play as aircraft, tanks/wheeled, and soon to be released ships. They are getting ready to release the full Italian tech tree for ground forces. In the meantime you can buy a P40 premium.

World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes:
A tech tree of tanks with the P43 and P43bis. There's some fictional vehicles as well.

Armored Warfare:
Modern vehicles such as the Centauro, Palmaria Ariete and OF-40 can be found here.

Various phone APP games have some Italian vehicles , I'll try to post a partial list later.


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Plenty of bad information on Italian vehicles in those videos.


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Games have sure gotten better since I first played Pong.
Plenty of bad information on Italian vehicles in those videos.
Some of these games change the stats for balancing reasons. As far as the host of the video goes, anything goes. I usually watch them with the sound turned off so I don't have to hear their jibber-jabber.
Here's a video of some infantry fighting FH2:

Forgotten Hope 2 - Siege of Giarabub

I like to play the Tunis map with the Breda M.30:

BTW, this new forum format is excellent. All I have to do is post a link and the video appears.
Some smart phone games that feature Italian units:
World Conqueror lll
Rommel in Africa*
Yugoslavia 1941
Conflict series (better graphics but can only play as one side):
Spanish Civil War
Axis Balkan Campaign
Rommel African Korps

Fleet Commander
World War: Battleship
Naval Front Line: Regia Marina

Ground vehicles:
Metal Force has the Draco and there's another game with the Ariete.
Tank Force real tank war online
has the Centauro.

Still haven't found much for 3rd or 1st person WW2 vehicles.
Thank you.

Modern, air transportable vehicles for Arma:
It's a mod so I'm sure you have to have a copy of the game before you can download.


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If you like strategy games Men of War: Assault Squad 2 has several mods that feature Italians. One that I played and enjoyed quite a bit was Forgotten Fronts Mod. Here's a fun video:

If you like flight simulators the IL2 franchise has many italian aircraft. The new Battle of Stalingrad series features an accurate model of the MC.202, the predecessor IL2: Cliffs of Dover has a Fiat G.50 and Breda BA.20. There is a mod in the works for a new North African theater which will feature the Mc.202, MC.200, and Fiat CR.42.