Italian uniform books by Guido Rossignoli - Any in English?

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Some 20-30 years ago I came across a couple of interesting and well-illustrated articles in some issues of a British modelling or wargaming magazine on the subject of Italian uniforms.

The author was Guido Rossignoli.

In Googling his name I came across the following Italian-language books by him:

Did Rossignoli write any other articles, or books, in English?

Has anyone seen or got any of his Italian books?

If so, would you recommend them?



P.S. I notice he also co-authored "Albinesi in grigioverde" with Piero Crociani. Has anyone seen this?


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I have his Alpini book. Because it covers the uniforms, insignia, etc. for the corps throughout it history in 143 pages, it is light on details. In all, I use it more to find color representatives of uniform and insignia details have read in other books (such as Viotti's works). It is rarely the first book I go to to research something new.

That being said, it has a nice history of the corps in the first 35 pages that gives one a overview of all the changes. The remainder of the book are the color plates which offer some nice details.

For the non-Italian reader, it can be a good resource, but I hesitant to say it is definitive.

I have not seen or heard of a book Albinesi in grigioverde written with Crociani. Crociani did co-write a book, Gli Albanesi nelle Forze Armate Italiane (1939-1943) with Viotti. I don't have a copy (hasn't reach the top of my to-buy list), but it is likely to be very good. I have several books by Crociani and by Viotti and they are all 'go-to' books.

I am not aware of any of his works in English.

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