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Italy: Post WWll - Present

An attack on U.S. and Italian forces in Somalia:

"In the second attack, a bomb blast targeted a peace-keeping envoy from Italy. The Italian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the convoy was hit by explosions, but stated that no injuries had been reported. Images of the attack seen by Newsweek showed that a light-armored vehicle had been sheared open from the attack and extensive damage had been caused to nearby buildings.
No casualties reported except for a Somali civilian."

From Analisidefesa:

"Local media reported the explosion of an improvised device (IED) stating that the Italian convoy was on the Jaale-Siyaad road and had just left the "Green zone" (the protected area that includes the port and airport and houses some ministries , government offices and international bodies presided over by the Somali military) to head to the Somali Ministry of Defense."

The U.S. base that was hit was apparently a drone base for the MQ9 Reaper.


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Thank you.

The detailed report of the above attack has been released:

"The extremely detailed report reveals that the Italian soldiers were injured aboard a Ford 4 × 4 pick-up vehicle, a civil vehicle without armor-plated vehicles or protected against mines and IEDs used together with the 4 × 4 Toyota by the peshmergas. The improvised explosive device exploded under the vehicle carrying 5 Italians and 2 Kurds, all wounded in the lower limbs."

"Moreover, it should not be surprising that the men of the Italian and Allied Special Forces operate mixed with the local troops to whom they offer assistance and move aboard their own vehicles also in order not to be visible and distinguishable in the eyes of the enemy as would happen if they were employed military vehicles supplied to the Coalition but not to Kurdish or Iraqi forces."
I don't remember hearing about this in any news, so take it with a grain of salt:
It's dated 1/31/2019 and says an Italian CV was damaged in a training accident with an Israeli warship that actually fired on it by accident.
Luckily they were jamming rockets that fragmented but some managed to enter the ship.
There isn't any photos and I've never heard of this incident so I'm not sure it passes the smell test.

Also, an Iraqi made RPG seized by Italian soldiers during their operations in Iraq dated 10/2004: