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List of different 90mm cannons

I was debating on whether or not to put this list in the AA or AT section. I guess the AT section won.

Originally posted by Vollketten from here:

90/20 De Bange M.1877/78
90/42 Naval - 90/42 fitted to the P.43
90/44 - as mentioned for the P43bis
90/48 Ansaldo Experimental
90/48 Ansaldo OTO M.1938/39
90/50 Ansaldo OTO M.1938/39 (may actually be the same gun as the previous one as L/48 with the calibre length measured differently and just duplicated in the texts)
90/50 Schneider AA M.1926/39

Variations of the 90/53:
90/53 OTO M.38
90/53 Ansaldo/OTO M.39
90/53 OTO M.41
90/53 Ansaldo M.39 given with Calibre length of L.57 and L.58 variously
90/53 with Automatic loader system
90/70 OTO
90/71 - no details
90/74 Ansaldo M.1951

Some of these only reached the blueprint stage and the 90/71 might simply be a typo for the OTO 90/70.