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Looking for a history of the «La Spezia»


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The title says it all. Googled my heart out. Looking for a source with details such as:

Which two battalions and artillery gruppi were involved in Operation Capri?

What was the organization of the XXXIX btg. esplorante? Did it remain one cp. motociclisti and two cp. ciclisti or was it changed once in A.S.?

The La Spezia explorer battalion was on three companies, the first two cyclists and the third motorcyclists (mobilized by Bersaglieri units). Once passed to Tunisia, the division tried to self-carry cyclists but did not always have the logistical strength to do so given the scarce number of vehicles available.
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Good day Maurizio! Glad to see you posting!

Thank you for the information.

I have seen the battalion listed both as the XXXIX btg. esplorante and as the XXXIX btg bersaglieri. It makes sense that the battalion would be bersaglieri. I have a list of bersaglieri and alpini units that Arturo L. had compiled many years ago and the unit wasn't listed as bersaglieri.

I do have the organization for the battalion as one motociclisti and two ciclisti. I was wondering whether Superlibia attempted to modify the unit to make it better suited for operations in A.S. From your information they tried to motorize the battalion but didn't do anything else (give it armored cars, etc.).

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