Medic uniform?


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I was wondering if medics (i imagine they didn't unlike the germans, but you never can be sure) had any set uniforms or did they simply wear a red cross band? IIRC some of the divison decals were a cross so I'd imagine that would make things confusing. Furthermore what did MVSN medics look like then?


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Sanità (medics) worn the standard uniform with sanità fregi on the helmet and sanità mostrine on the color. They did wear the white arm band with red cross.

Portaferiti (stretcher bearers and/or orderlies) also worn the same insignia if part of the medical unit. Note that in many cases, these individuals were seconded from other units and continued to wear their original unit insignia.

I am unsure what the MVSN sanità wore. I would need to check.

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