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Museums with Italian WW2 aircrafts


Volandia doesn't display original WW2 airplanes, but its collection comprises the mock-ups of the Macchi C.202 and C.205V. Moreover, this museum is hosted by the facilities of the former Caproni Vizzola factory, a piece of WW2 history by itself.


Evening all,

I was lucky enough to visit Rome in 2016 for a long weekend. I really wanted to visit the Italian Airforce museum but was unable to due to the distance! Very Frustrating. It is something that I will do in the future. Even more frustrating was that at the time, I was staying near to the Aeronautica Militare HQ which has a Macchi reproduction, and, the cemetery where Clara Petacci lies. I think another visit to Rome is in order!

However, the RAF museum has Sgt Pietro Salvadori’s Fiat CR 42 aircraft and the Fighter Collection in the UK have just completed another a fiat Cr 42 restoration which I cannot wait to see!




Hi 1089maul. After your post I have changed the title of this topic, in order to take into account also foreign museums hosting Italian WW2 airplaes, such as the RAF Museum with the FIAT CR.42 Falco that you have recalled.

This old but excellent page https://axis.classicwings.com/Italy/italianaircraft.htm lists all the Italian WW2 airplanes preserved in museums around the world. Sadly, most of them are just relics or parts, but, besides the aforementioned RAF Museum, there are excellent airplanes also in the USA, Sweden, Spain and Romania:
There are also a few incomplete aircrafts. In particular, the completely restored fuselage of a Reggiane RE.2002 Ariete II is on display in the Musée de la Résistance de Limoges. Instead an unrestored FIAT G.50bis Freccia is in the storage of the Muzej vazduhoplovstva Beograd (see https://www.difesaonline.it/evidenz...o-nascosto-al-museo-dellaviazione-di-belgrado and https://tangosix.rs/2016/19/02/nova...lnu-postavku-uz-protivljenje-svih-zaposlenih/).

Returning to Italy, the Parco Tematico dell'Aviazione (Rimini) has on display (sadly outdoors, with serious problems for a correct preservation!) a lesser WW2 airplane, i.e. the SAIMAN 202M, employed by the Regia Aeronautica for training and liaison.
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