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Mussolini flees Milan ...


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Benito_Mussolini_a_Milano_il_25_aprile_1945 (1).jpg

ON THIS DAY IN 1945 Benito Mussolini fled Milan after the failure of peace talks with his Resistance enemies under the mediation of the Cardinal Archbishop. Giving the order ‘We leave immediately for Como,’ the dictator led a long convoy out of the city in his Alfa Romeo. He was accompanied by around forty men of his German SS bodyguard and the SD secret security service. They were followed by about thirty luxurious cars carrying Fascist ministers, party officials, senior army officers, and their families. The intention was to escape the partisan rising and the arrival of the Allied armies by crossing the border with Switzerland. But two days later, Mussolini was captured by Italian partisans and shot next day alongside his young lover, Claretta Petacci. The Communists claimed that a mysterious fighter known as Colonel Valerio had pulled the trigger. But many alternative theories state that secret agents of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) or the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS) were actually responsible. This book reveals what really happened. The compelling narrative is enhanced by numerous first-hand accounts and rare contemporary photographs. You can read the whole story in ‘Mussolini, the Last 10 Days, a New Investigation,’ which is available in Kindle from Amazon and in paperback from www.amazon.co.uk and www.emiliapublishing.com