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R-35s around Anzio?

I'm currently playing a strategy game dealing with the Italian Campaign by Joni Nuutigen for my I phone. Anyway, much to my surprise , Italian tank units showed equipped with captured French R-35s. The unit was called 'D' group in the game. Is this historically accurate? I've only heard of units such as the Vendetta (RSI) deployed around Anzio. Does anyone know about these R-35s?
Much thanks for any help.
The only R35s that fought in Italy were those supplied to the Centauro Groups that fought in Sicily ... moreover, certainly the reference to Group D is due to that because part of the wagons was part of the Mobile Group D initially located in Misterbianco ... . to me, however, it seems a big historical error to deploy groups of wagons of that type in Anzio ..... you see ....
All the best
Thank you! I remember from an email response that he often had to swap out various units because of programing limitations for the phone apps.