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RECAM during Crusader


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There was a question on AHF about the movements/action of the RECAM during Crusader. Doing a quick check indicates that the movements are fairly well reported. The following is from Le operazione in Africa settentrionale vol II and Seconda offensiva britannica in Africa settentrionale e ripiegamento italo-tedesca nella Sirtica orientale. Schizzi 3, 5–10 in Seconda offensiva show the locations of the RECAM.

Maurizio provide a response on AHF, but I will post here and link. Please add any other material if you can.

You can find the thread HERE Note that occasionally AHF comes up an error page. Just hit your refresh button and it will load (at least it does for me).

17 Nov: RECAM is at Berta (Operazione p.422, Seconda p.46) and has a motorcycle company at Brace (Seconda p.51) and is ordered to move to on Nov. 22 (Seconda p.55).

23–24 Nov: RECAM is centered at Azuàl Mnefa connecting d.f «Pavia» near el Adem and d.cor «Ariete» at Bir el Gobi. (Operazione schizzo 49, Seconda p.55, 59) Morning of 24 Nov is ordered to replace the «Ariete» at Bir el Gobi (Seconda p.60).

25–26 Nov.: RECAM moved to Bir el Gobi, replacing «Ariete», then ordered north to Sidi Rezegh the night of 25 Nov. to move at 0730 the morning of 26 Nov (Operazione p.579, Seconda p.62). RECAM ordered against the left of the New Zealanders (this appears to be the 6th NZ Bde, Operazione p.582) at 1230 and after about an hour had to withdraw to the south of the «Pavia» (p.581).

27–28 Nov: At Bir el Gobi. (Seconda schizzo)

29 Nov–3 Dec: RECAM moves north to Azuàl Mnefa, leaving a detachment at Bir el Gobi. Placed under «Trieste» on 29 Nov (p.608). It is south of Bir bu Creimisa on 30 Nov (Operazione p.614). Passed to the command of the «Pavia» on 1 Dec and ordered to attack a depot at Bir Berraneb at 1230. While fighting, RECAM attacked by Germans aircraft and forced to retreat (Operazione p.620). Was just north of Bir el Gobi on 2 Dec. Fought against some motorized patrols on 3 Dec (Operazione p.631).

4–5 Dec: A detachment of the RECAM was at Bir el Gobi with the GF battalions (Operazione p.631) on 4 Dec. with 5 armored cars, 4 medium and one light tank, and 9 65/17 guns. It fought against elements of the 4th Ar Bde. (Operazione p.632). North of Bir el Gobi on 5 Dec.

6–8 Dec: Part of the line formed north west of Bir el Gobi (Operazione p.642)

9–10 Dec: RECAM retreats to near Bir el Harmat, connecting the CAM to the northeast and the DAK to the southwest (Seconda Schizzo).

11 Dec: In reserve at Sidi Breghisc (Operazione p.675). Afterwards the RECAM apparently wasn’t combat capable (Operazione p.758).
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