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Regia Aeronautica anti-ship bombs


Previously, I had heard little of Italy having armor piercing bombs, the 220 pound ( 100 kg) SAP being about the only one. Now I'm hearing of Fiat building the 1,600 kg AS.5, the 1,000 kg AS.6, the 500 kg AS2, and the 300 kg AS.3.

Were there such bombs? Were they actually armor piercing? Were they available in 1940? Any other info?


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Best information that I can find is in a post war US Navy manual covering Italian and French Ordnance (presumably for bomb disposal)

Chapter One covers Italian bombs. Heaviest bomb listed is a 1000kg G.P. bomb. No armor piercing bombs are listed. Heaviest S.A.P. bomb is 104kg.

Italian & French Explosive Ordnance, NAVORD OP 1668, 1946​

Italian and French Explosive Ordnance

Dunning in Courage Alone (pp 223-224) only has a few brief paragraphs on Italian bombs. At first bomber crews were encouraged to carry a multitude of small bombs (15kg to 160kg), "the idea was that the more bombs the more likely a hit on the target." Later a mix of light (2 to 100kg) bombs and heavy (250-500kg) bombs were used. "Heavier bombs such as the 800kg could only be used on shorter missions due to the lack of power of most aircraft engines, and consequent load-carrying ability of the aircraft."


My source for the Fiat "AS" bombs was Microsoft's new AI. When I later asked the program for more information on the Fiat bombs, it did not recognize any of the four bombs it had previously identified. Other previous information provided on Italian bombs by the program was also denied/not found by it.


Pour Toutatis! please do not bring AI increasing the mess. Fiat did not made bombs.

AS. 2, 3, 5 and 6 were Fiat aircraft engines


The biggest used armour piercing bomb was the prototype 630 PD - employed by 2 Reggiane 2001 aircraft against a British carrier Victorious. Being prototype they failed to explode. This is a 630kg SAP bomb with 120kg explosive.
480P was developed for Re 2002 i have no references for its employment
420M but i also have seen it referenced as 420P is said to be employed for first time 18 Jully 1943 by Re 2002 attacking ships.
370 PD was another that i don't have any news except its name. Maybe never went more than a prototype if at all.