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Response To Foglio Matricolare Request


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Posted 06 April 2016 by bombtrack2

Hi everyone, I just got a response from Centro Documentale Caserta regading my Foglio Matricolare request. Can you please translate it for me?

1. In merito a quanto richiesto con l’istanza in riferimento, si comunica che l’Archivio di questo Centro Documentale, per ragioni anagrafiche (classi 1934 e precedenti), ha trasmesso per la relativa custodia i ruoli matricolari delle precitate classi ai competenti Archivi di Stato delle Province interessate.

2. Pertanto, per ricevere la documentazione di cui trattasi, dovrà inoltrare la richiesta all’Archivio di Stato di Campobasso, Ufficio detentore dei ruoli matricolari per tutti i nati nei Comuni della medesima Provincia e della Provincia di Isernia, al seguente indirizzo:

Via degli Orefici, n°43 86100 – Campobasso [email protected]

Col. g.(gua.) Vincenzo CARINI

Thank you!

PS I've run it through google translater and I'm unclear on whether i need to re-send my request to another department or whether they have forwarded it for me.


Posted 14 April 2016 by Jeff Leser


I am sorry, but I have been away for a while. Bottomline, yes, you need to submit the request to the Campobasso State Archives. Colonel Carini proved the address.

About what is requested in the cited reference, we inform you [that] our Documentation Centre Archive, because of the dates (classes 1934 and earlier), has transferred custody of the aforementioned ruoli matricolari to the relevant State Archives of the interested provinces.

Therefore, to receive the documents in question, [you] must forward the request to the Campobasso State Archives, [the] Office that holds the registration roles for all those born in the municipalities of that province and the province of Isernia, to the following address:

Via degli Orefici, n°43 86100 – Campobasso [email protected]

Again sorry for not answering this earlier.

Pista! Jeff