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Royal Air Force Historical Branch Translations from Captured German Documents


Discovered the Air Historical Branch had added some more documents. These are

The following German documents were translated by the Air Historical Branch after the Second World War. They vividly record the German perspective on wartime air operations, the progressive decline of the Luftwaffe, and Allied dominance of the air dimension in the later wartime years. Originally archived numerically, the scanned translations have now been grouped as logically as possible according to theatre campaign, chronology or theme. The original AHB translation numbers are shown in brackets.

Despite the preliminary note, there are several Italian Air Force translated documents, including two 5 Squadra Area documents that are excerpts from war diaries. Lots of German documents on the air war in the desert.

AHB Translations from Captured German Documents


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Thank you so very much for sharing that link. There is some brilliant material there. I have already downloaded several documents.

Again Thanks!

Pista! Jeff


Glad to have been of some small assistance. A friend of mine in Scotland directed me to the site some years ago. The captured German and Italian documents are a recent addition I think. The RAF historical monographs are dry reading but can be interesting. There is an interesting monograph of recent vintage on photo reconnaissance for Market Garden, specifically in the Arnhem area in the thematic studies section.