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semovente da 47/32 reload time (HELP)


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Hello fellow regia escersito experts, im a newbie at this forum. I need your help. One semi-simulator game have 47/32 L40 in it and it have a very bad reload counter - 7.8 seconds without expirienced crew. I thought it was a mistake made by developers and tried to state it on game forum, but my bugreport was refused and moderator told me that i need to find evidences of less longer reload. I mean just look at the fightning compartment of this anti tank - its small and have 3 crew members in it, so reload sholud be less than 4 seconds as basic counter. So i need documents, chronicles, books - everything that can state reload time.


It is a very fuzzy area. Your best bet if you find a video in Youtube or elsewhere of it firing, reloading.