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Sir Andrew (Gianandrea) Serrao


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by SUPERMARINA » Wed Jun 21, 2006 8:27 am

Mi rivolgo ai colleghi del Forum in italiano visto che si tratta di una domanda rivolta in primo luogo ai miei conazionali.

Gradirei q u a l s i a s i informazione documentata (e non) in merito al nominativo in oggetto.

Si trattava di un illustre avvocato consulente dell'ambasciata britannica tra le due guerre; fatto Sir dagli inglesi prima del 1939 (l'unico in Italia, a quanto pare); legale della Corona, dal 1944, per la tutela degli interessi della Famiglia Reale in Gran Bretagna; zio del governatore della Banca d'Italia Azzolini; suocero del capitano di fregata Max Ponzo, responsabile dell'Uffico "D" (spionaggio all'estero) del Reparto Informazioni della Marina tra l'agosto 1940 e l'agosto 1942.
Discendeva, infine, da un illustre cardinale di Potenza del Settecento.

Grazie per qualsiasi aiuto


PS Maybe someone could translate this request in English too, but I have got some doubts the British may have (rightly) any interest to supply any piece of news about this guy.


by FB » Thu Jun 22, 2006 1:30 am

I'll translate SUPERMARINA's post. Unfortunately, I have never heard anything about the man he is looking for info about.

I'd like to receive any information pertaining to the man whose name is in the subject of this thread.

He was a famous lawyer who was a legal advisor of the British Embassy between the wars; he was created Sir before 1939 (the only one in Italy, apparently); he was legal advisor of the Italian Crown after 1944 with the aim of looking after the Italian Royal Family in Great Britain; he was uncle of the Bank of Italy Mr. Azzolini, he was father in law of Commander (Capitano di Fregata) Max Ponzo, chief of the "D" Office (intelligence abroad) of the Regia Marina Information Unit between Aug. 1940 and Aug. 1942.
Lastly, he was a descendant of the same family that had among its members a very famous Bishop of Potenza during the XVIII century.

Thank you very much for each and every help.