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Stolen!!! La Medaglia d’Argento al Valor Militare - ADAMINI Ermenegildo


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Good morning all Comando Supremo users,

Unfortunately my great-uncle’s Medaglia d’Argento al Valor Militare (Silver Medal of Military Valour) was stolen from our family home in Brescia, Italy within the last few months. We have contacted the primary military antique stores within the region; no-one is yet to come across the medal.

If the medal can be located anywhere in the world, our family will purchase this medal back; we do not want to “steal” from a fellow militaria collector.

We know it is a long shot, but we will attempt anything to recover this precious family heirloom.

The medal is inscribed with “ADAMINI Ermenegildo” and it is an Italian Republic version from the 1960s (current version).

I hope this forum and thread is the correct place to post this alert - my apologies if not.

I offer you all my warmest regards,

Giacomo Adamini


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Sad to read about this. I wish you success.

v/r Jeff


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I agree with Jeff, very sad for you and your family! I too wish you every success in retrieving the medal.

Would you share on this forum how your great uncle came to be awarded this medal?



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Good afternoon,

Thanks Jeff and Bob for your kind words of support. Several days ago Il Giornale di Brescia published an article on our behalf in order to help spread the news of this theft. We hope someone will come forward with information.

I would be pleased to share our Uncle’s citation and we thank you for your interest:

“ADAMINI Ermenegildo, born at Sonico (Brescia) the 2nd of April 1922, partisan combatant. Detachment commander, held with indomitable courage and supreme disregard for danger, his positions whilst being attacked with extreme ferocity by preponderant enemy forces. Shining example of the highest military values. Mortirolo, 10-29 April 1945.”

Our Uncle was “Called to Arms” in 1942 and was drafted into the Guardia alla Frontiera (G.A.F) (Infantry) III Settore, IIIa Sottosettore headquartered in the small alpine village of Vinadio (Cuneo). He quickly attained the rank of Caporal Maggiore, and together with his unit was tasked to defend the Valle Stura, near the French border. From what we know, his unit did not see combat against the French forces. Upon the armistice in 1943, the German forces requested that the G.A.F in Vinadio join forces with them; otherwise they would be looked upon as the enemy. The G.A.F refused to ally with the Germans and so ensued a 3-day battle after which the G.A.F were overrun and captured. Our Uncle was placed into a holding area for deportation to Germany, however after 2 days he managed to escape and made contact with the first partisan group in Italy. He fought with this group for a week before returning home to Sonico - a journey that took him several days on foot evading the Germans.

Our Uncle then helped to form, together with other relatives and friends, the first partisan group in the Alta Valle Camonica. This group would eventually be known as Le Fiamme Verdi - La Brigata Schivardi, with our Uncle commanding the 10th Detachment, and being the Brigade 2IC. From 1943 to 1945 they lived continuously in the mountains and fought against both the Italian Socialist Republic (R.S.I) militia and elements of the German SS.

In April of 1945 the “Green Flames” fought the single largest partisan action of the Second World War in the Mortirolo (a high mountain pass, today used during the Giro d’Italia). They numbered roughly 300 (including some English and American Officers) and were opposed by several thousand men of the 1a Legione d’Assalto “M” “Tagliamento” - troops of the Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana. After several weeks of hard fighting and enduring daily bombardments from German artillery, the partisans succeeded in gaining victory, and the Nazi-Fascist forces retreated. During the battle the partisans re-used the WW1 fortifications that their fathers had built only 20-odd years prior. It was during this Second Battle of Mortirolo that our Uncle earned his Silver Medal of Military Valour.

After the war our Uncle become a well-known and respected politician, and always remained an active member of the Associazione Fiamme Verdi, attending many memorial services and speaking at many public events, always mentioning those that made the ultimate sacrifice for their family and homeland. In 1963 when awarded his medal, our Uncle didn’t want to be recognised, but instead asked that decorations be awarded to those of his men that never made it home. Some of his recommendations were upheld and as a result some families received an official recognition on behalf of their lost husband/brother/son.

Thank you for reading a small part of our family history - we hope you found it interesting. Any assistance in finding our Uncle’s stolen memorabilia will of course be appreciated.

Kindest regards to all.


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Many thanks for the article! Your uncle was a true hero. I hope you get his medal back!