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The Carrier that never was


"6 days before the general surrender of Italian forces in Italy."

I think you mean German. I like the succinct text. Are you sure about mix G50 RE 2001? i thought that 2001 replaced G50. RE 2001 was a fighter bomber much better than G.50 could ever be.


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Thanks for noting the typing error. The G.50 were considered to equip the Aquila and some aircrafts were modified to mount the tailhook. However nothing definitive was decided since the overall programme was costantly on shaky grounds and years away from its completion


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I sure wish you posted that article here. I am in the process of having an article done on Italian aircraft carriers.


A very interesting article!! I particularly like the pictures of the unfinished carrier Sparviero. Despite all the books and photos that I have on the Regina Marina, these are the first that I have seen! Thanks for sharing.