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uncle's war record


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Benvenuto! I will take a look at it, but handwriting is always a challenge for non-native speakers. I hope that our Italian members will quickly rejoin and they can offer a quick translation.

Pista! Jeff


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Any high resolution scans help. I have started to look at the scans.

From picture 1, 3 and 4. My comments are in the brackets.

He participated from June 6 1940 to I Oct 1942 and from Nov 11 1942 to Mar 17 1943 in war[time] operations in A.S. [Africa Settentrionale/North Africa] in the 330° raggruppamento art da G.A.F. [Guardia a Frontiera which is a border guard organization with wartime functions].
[My guess is that the gap was 1942 is home leave. The 330° raggruppamento art da G.A.F. was equipped with either 77/28 or 100/17 guns, depending on to which gruppo he was assigned].

There is something about service at Bardia (or not, I am unsure of the spelling), but I can't make it out.

He has some type of service from 9 Sep 1943 to Feb 20 1944 [again can't quite make it out].

He is credited for four years of wartime service: 1940, 41, 42, 43, and 44. This is important as he is authorized to wear four stars on the medaglia Distintivo della Guerra in corso [distinctive medal for the current war; basically a WW2 service medal]

He received a Croce al Merito di Guerra [War Merit Cross] under the provisions of 14 Dec 1942 regulations for his service in wartime from 1940-1943. This is not a valor award, but is awarded for superior service. This could have been awarded postwar.

It appears he was officially discharged from all military service on Jan 9 1960.

Page 2 will provide more info.
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I have begun to look at the scans, but I must say that the handwriting is quite difficult to read. I am hoping a native reader will take a look. This is a much messier record than I normally see.


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Hi Veltro2222,

As a new member to this site I hope I may be of further assistance :)

As already stated by Jwsleser your Uncle was a part of the 330° Raggruppamento Artiglieria - Guardia alla Frontiera. This unit was headquartered in: Piazza Militare di Tripoli (Libya) as a part of the GAF's XXXIII Settore di Copertura "Tripoli Ovest" - Sottosettore Autonomo "Uadi Hammar".

From viewing your scanned documents (As other members have stated the writing is quite tricky to read properly) your Uncle was taken prisoner by the Germans on the 3/3/1943, deported to Germany on the 9/9/1943 and appears to have been released/liberated on the 20/2/1944.

He was awarded La Croce al Merito di Guerra (The War Merit Cross) twice: Firstly for his combat operations during the period of 1940-1943, and secondly for being interned in Germany.

I will have a further look at your documents to gain some further information, if possible.

I hope this may add something new to the above information already provided by other members.

Kind regards,