Welcome and Introduction

My compliments to Jim for developing an excellent revamped CS site!!! It looks and feels much more professional and the quality of the images and texture is amazing.

Just a couple of points: when citing a book, it is usual practice to cite the author, year, title of book, publisher, city and then pages. Just citing the title and pages may not be enough. At a minimum, the author (year) should be cited too; and publisher and city, if possible.

Scanning and uploading pages from a book or article? Ummh? There could be copyright issues here and needing the author's permission, etc,. However, if it can be done safely, sure! If not, paraphrasing will have to do, as long as the source (author, year, title, pages) is clearly stated.

Finally, I would like to see more non-English sources and material posted and cited, especially Italian. I can't read Italian, but for those that do, it would be a real bonus if such material can be translated and uploaded to this site. I am not talking about translating entire books or even articles written in Italian; but certainly sentences and paragraphs can be.

It might well be that this new CS site eventually becomes a reputable and reliable source for war historians and university researchers delving into the
participation and performance of Italy in WW2 and shed new historical light and original research.

One can only hope!!
Hello. My name is Bruno Speziale, and my late father Salvatore Speziale, fought in Tunisia during the second world war. He was captured and imprisoned in a French POW cam in Morocco. I hope to find information about his time during the war.