Order of Battle

Italian Invasion of Albania OOB (1939)

The Italian invasion of Albania on 07 April 1939 wa divided into three “groups” which had to land in successive times. The first group had four columns.

Regio Esercito Components in WWII

The following tables provide a detailed breakdown of Regio Esercito components during World War Two. Italian army divisions, regiments, and brigades are noted.

Invasion of Egypt 09 December 1940 OOB

Due to Italian losses, there were many changes in the Order of Battle following the 09 December 1940 Italian invasion of Egypt until February 1941.

Axis Forces in Sicily: July 1943 OOB

A detailed order of battle of Axis forces in Sicily during Operation Husky in July, 1943. The OOB provides a breakdown of Italian and German forces.

Axis Forces in Libya September, 1941 OOB

The order of battle of Axis forces stationed in Libya in 1941. The strengthening of Axis forces in Libya occurred between January and March 1941.

Regia Aeronautica in North Africa – 1942 OOB

The Order of Battle of Regia Aeronautica in North Africa in 1942. This list includes Italian Air Force Groups and Squadrons as well as Commanding Officers.

Esigenza C3/Operation Herkules: Invasion of Malta

Operation Herkules, known as Esigenza C3 by the Italians, is the codename for the invasion of Malta that was developed 1941 and set for 10 July 1942.

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