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    Italy: Post WWll - Present

    Programs that I was overseeing like Agusta were forced to abandon their forging suppliers in the US in order to give the work to contractors in Israel like Carmel in Nazareth, which turned out defective product to which Agusta argued blame. Progress payment awards were also made in Israeli...
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    Historian uncovers new details on Sicily massacre

    I don't believe any POW was ever treated more humanely than those taken by Italian forces.
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    Italy: Post WWll - Present

    I was the US Govt. Quality Assurance Representative for all these contractors and many others to include Beretta, Elmer in Pomezia, Aermacchi, Agusta, Benelli, Oto Melara, Alpha Romea Avia, Piaggio, Riva Calzoni, IFEN, etc. from 1987 - 2000
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    Italy: Post WWll - Present

    All I can say is that I source inspected this naval gun for the US Dept. of Defense from 1995-2000. The US Navy had an ongoing contract which it used to supply ourselves and Malaysia. Oto Melara in La Spezia also manufactured Italy's most modern armoured vehicle and the Oto Mat anti ship missile...
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    Death of the Italian pilot Francesco Volpi, 1914-2019. 236 missions during WWII.

    While working for the Defense Dept. DCAS now DCMA, at Agusta Corp. (1987-2000) which has facilities around Malpensa airport, I worked with Italian ministry of defense technical teams headed by Col. Giovanni Gallo. Gianni told me that his father was the squadron leader which led S-79's on the...