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Forum Rules of Conduct


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Members, please review these Forum Rules of Conduct. Moderators, please ensure these rules are enforced:

1. Keep posts on the topic. If you have a reply to a post that is not necessarily related, then start a new topic (this helps when searching the database). This rule does not apply in the Speak Easy Forum.

2. Be respectful to all posters, whether you disagree with them or not.

3. No pro-Fascist or Nazi ideology is allowed here. Neither is the glorification of these governments respective leaders.

4. Use of negative terminologies to identify race, religion or nationality is not allowed.

5. No Spamming (Immediate Banning).

6. No Flaming (writing a post to instigate aggravation or anger for replies).

7. When posting a picture, please attempt to credit the source if available (author, artist, book, etc.). Limit picture width to no more than 600 pixels.

8. No insignificant posts just to increase your rank.

9. Cite the source of information when possible.

10. Use of more than one login name is not allowed.

11. Use proper etiquette when posting. Refrain from the use of curse words.

12. Posts are to be made in English, unless using the Italian Forum. Please use good spelling and proper grammar. I understand many of the forum members learned English as a second language, so errors on their part is expected. But this should not be the case for those of us who speak and write it daily.

13. Vulgar or tasteless or any way offending Forum Login names are not allowed.

14. Keep signature picture or text at no more than 200 pixels in height.

These rules shall be enforced as of 23 Mar 04. Failure to abide by these rules after two warnings will result in banning from the forum.

Notice will be given to any future additions to these rules.


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RE: Citing sources. Comando Supremo is a site that is focused on research to gain understanding of Italy's role/participation in the war. Providing cites of the material/information you provide helps researchers assess and use that material/information. It allows fellow members to vet your information so they know it is trustworthy and allows them to built on it or offer corrections (which itself should also be cited). Doing so allows readers to recognize the value of the material and know that they can use Comando Supremo outside the website as a verified. trustworthy source.

I also encourage the posting of sources if possible, especially if they are primary sources (scans of reports, letters, pictures, etc.) or from books that are not commonly available. While knowledge is power and tends to be hoarded by posters, sharing hard-to-get data/material embolden's others to share as well. Where you might find one part of a report valuable, someone else might find another part as valuable. Having primary sources or parts of rare books increases the value of Comando Supremo to any that access the site.


Pista! Jeff


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For the first time I have locked a thread, something I had hoped would never happen. I desire that Comando Supremo be a website where discussion can be unfettered and flow organically. I must recognize that there are topics that are controversial and that remain unresolved even today.

Actions of military leaders that are possible war crimes is one such topic. In the list of militaries that committed such crimes, Facsist Italy is not excluded. I don't take issue with posting sources about such activities, but there comes a time where arguing a point without data is not exchanging information to share knowledge.

For example, 'I have it from a good source' is not sharing information. It can't be verified. As I previously posted, documentation is the heart of this site. We want members to share both information and the sources as those together set the framework for scholarly discussion.

I am not stating that members should avoid discussing sensitive issues. What I am stating is that such discussions should have a purpose to inform others members or develop sources of new information. Speculation is useful in developing lines of research; it is not a substitution for verifiable facts when attempting to argue a conclusion.

I will submit that most members are here on Comando Supremo to discuss military matters. Others areas such as politics, society, legal, etc. are usually addressed in terms of understanding a military situation/event. Threads specifically addressing these other areas as the sole focus of the thread are unlikely to generate deep discussion and is not the raison d'être of this site.

I am willing to answer specific questions in regards to this post for clarification.