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italian army

  1. ljr888

    160th Battallion "Mitraglieri"- WWI

    Looking for information on the 160th Battallion "Mitraglieri" and where it was stationed between 1917-1919. Also know that he was a part of the "123 Reggimento Fanteria Chieti". He was originally from Montenerodomo, Chieti. Looking for information on my grandfather who was a member of that...
  2. Marek Sobski

    Mussolini's War series

    Hello! I wanted to introduce myself, my book series and its first volume. “Mussolini's War” series of publications is aimed to deal in a matter-of-fact way with the unfair, racist myth of the Italian being a cowardly soldier by birth. It will discuss in a substantive way the campaigns fought...