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  1. Kustosz2137

    Gruppi Semoventi da 105/25

    I can't find much about them in the net, I'd like to know how many of these groups were created in total and which one saw combat. I've met with such designated as DC, DCI and DCII in different articles, however I've noticed that info about DC and DCI is often mixed. I also know that one of...
  2. Kustosz2137

    Markings of Gruppi Semoventi

    Hi! I'm seeking for some information about markings used by particular batteries of Gruppi Semoventi 75/18 (DLI - DLXI) that served in Italian army. Informations about their insignia are very inconsistent in the internet and I can't say which are the real ones. I tried to gather some knoweldge...