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Can anyone id this uniform


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A reader sent me a picture of his nonno in a uniform which is different from what I have previously seen.

The gentlemen is Greek and lived in the Dodecanese. He possibly worked as an interpreter for the Italian military. While there are some Italian influences, the fregio and the belt buckle are very different from any Italian items I have seen. The collar insignia is unreadable, but might be shield shaped. The shoulder boards appears to have knots of them, so not very Italian (the maresciallo dress boards do have knots).

If anyone can id the fregio, we can likely figure out the rest.

Any thoughts?

Pista Jeff
Greek nonno Uniform copy.jpeg


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I believe you got it. I did some googling and the fregio is indeed police. The individual in question was Greek, but would have been an Italian citizen as the Dodecanese were part of Italy at that time. Though we can't see the shoulder boards clearly, the only rank shoulder boards with knots are the grades of maresciallo.

The collar insignia does look like it could be fasces, so fits with police. The hat matches the police hats I have found on the web. I haven't yet found a picture of the waist/sword belt.

Pista! Jeff


Sorry for late reply but have been away. I agree with Darren. I have a copy of Atlante delle Uniformi militari italiane dal 1934 ad oggI. Below is the picture of the fregio which fits in with the shape of the fregio in the picture. Unfortunately I cannot find anything else uniform wise that fits what is shown in the picture.


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