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Cannone da 47/50 at Gela


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I have seen several photos of the French 47 mm Mle 1937 antitank gun at Gela, Sicily, after the invasion. These were designated the Cannone da 47/50 by the Italians.


My question is, what units at Gela used these? Did it belong to a local garrison unit?

Gruppo Mobile E, which was involved in the battle for Gela, contained the 2ª Compagnia, CII Battaglione anticarro motorizzato. Is it possible this company was equipped with the French antitank guns?



Yes but i have that unit with 47/32 but maybe got upgraded or instead was in some coastal units. I have 73 47/50 in Sicily.


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I assume Dili got his information from Cappellano p. 275. Cappellano lists these guns as artiglieria da posizione e da posizione costiera. He doesn't provide any additional information.

My sources on the G.a.F. don't list any of these guns, so likely not G.a.F.

This indicates that these guns were part of the costal units as Dili stated, likely in fixed positions.
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