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Creating a joint headquarters


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This question was posted on AHF. It is an interesting one. I looked through my books, but I don't have anything that addresses this time period. Ceva's La condotta italiana della guerra gives several cites of books that might address this issue, but his study really begins right after Di Giorgio's tenure.

So I was reading an article on Commando Supremo and there was a part where they mentioned Mussolini's war minister proposing an interforce high command. The first one created was German in the 1930's so this would have been ahead of his time. Does anyone know anything about it?


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The Stato Maggiore Generale, i.e. the general staff in charge of the cohordination of the three Armed Forces, was created with the law n. 866 of 8 June 1925. Gen. Antonino Di Giorgio had left the Ministry of War on 4 April 1925, after the rejection of his reform of the Army by the Parliament, especially by the military senators (there were several senators who were generals or admirals), and by the Council of the Army. So I don't think that Di Giorgio had any relevance in this law, which instead was mostly an idea of gen. Ugo Cavallero, then undersecretary of the Army with Mussolini as minister.