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Divisione paracadutisti italiana (Italian Parachute Division)


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Ok,let us keep this to the officially sanctioned Churchill version of history then.

No, we will keep this a fact-based discussion. You are more than welcome to present facts to support your position. So far you have failed to do so.

You aren't going to read anything about OVRA having a para unit.
They have been excluded from history.

Then how to do you know it exists? Someone told you about it? Mother, father, stranger on a street corner?

I guess you haven't noticed that many here use non-English language sources. Do you have any Italian sources that state the OVRA had a parachute unit? Done any research in the archives?

No, you haven't.

I have seen a pic with a kangaroo,iirc,fitted with the oxygen masks for the Paras.

And why is this something that bears on the discussion?

You have a choice. You can participate here on Comando Supremo with intelligent discussion looking at facts or offering reasonable speculation that logically follow the facts you present. Or you can make another statement like the one you posted about Churchillian history.

You have yet to offer any post that that provides any reason for discussion or adds knowledge to this forum.

I will be interested in reading what you decide.


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I have moved some of the posts discussing the OVRA onto a new thread.


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could someone send me some pictures about paracadutisti TO&E before the armistice i can t find anything on the internet about them if someone could share some photos it would be helpful.
thanks for your time


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Pinning down the organization of the parachute units is an ongoing task. This is something I am working on for my book on the paracadutisti. Until the book is published, I am not really in a position to offer much on that topic.