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Italian softskin cross country performance

Hi does any one know of any books/websites that list the cross country or off road speeds and range of Italian soft skinned vehicles of WWII. Specifically those used in A.S.?

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While on my shopping list, I haven't bought Gli autoveicoli tattici e logistici del Regio Esercito Italiano fino al 1943 or any other books on transport. The new book Luck was Lacking has some data, but it is inconsistent and if there, it is only cross-country range. A quick look at La Logistica Militare dell’Esercito Italiano doesn't offer that information.

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The below book has a chapter on Italian ‘Tractors’ for pulling artillery. Some of them look like trucks and are soft skinned. The book has the info that you after although I am not sure that you referring to these types of vehicles. These are not designed to carry infantry. Let me know if you want me to post details of them on this thread.


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How about the below from Alex Trye’s Mussolini’s Afrika Korps book?
I have other books but cannot access them as they are in storage!


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If your interest is in wargaming, the Italians had numerous trucks, both light and heavy, with incomplete info on most. However, heavy trucks were rare. The light trucks could generally carry 12 troops in back plus one sitting beside the driver. However, this was not the primary purpose of the truck. They had to meet certain distance requirements in order to act as supply trucks (Their primary duty). The standard range was 200 miles US with a 10% fuel reserve (220 miles total). This was intended so that they could start from a supply dump with a full tank of petrol, reach a division 100 miles away, unload, and return to the supply dump for another load of supplies and fill up on petrol. It could then make another trip, etc.

Off road (cross country) speed was pretty low, only about 12 miles per day against opposition. This doubled to 24 miles on a dirt road and doubled again to 48 miles on a paved road. With no opposition, double all figures. This is wargaming info only.