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Mac 202 CL-111 Maggoire Andrea Favini


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Looking for information of the Mac.202 pilot:

Maggoire Andrea Favini
153 Gruppo Autonomo C.T.
54 Stormo
374 Squadrigla

did he survive the war?

how many victories?

picture of him?

I have found WW2 era pictures of his MAC.202 Folgore, artwork and illustrations. But, if anyone has any plane pictures I would appreciate it.

thanks, Chris in Texas


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Welcome ot the forum Chris

The R.A. isn't my area of expertise, so hopefully others might offer more information. From the little info I was able to find.

Favini commanded the 374ª Squadriglia flying MC200s when the unit arrived at Castel Benito on 19 April 1941. [MC 200 Wiki page]

He is not listed in Dunning's chapter of Italian Fighter Aces in Courage Alone. This implies he was credited with less than 5 aircraft shot down.

Dunning doesn't list the 153ª Gruppo as autonomo. It was part of the 54ª Stormo during its entire service life.

Again, I don't have a lot of sources, so some of this info might be incorrect.

Pista! Jeff


In the indexes to Christopher Shores et al, monumental (five volumes) A History of the Mediterranean Air War 1940-1945, I could only find two references to Favina:

In Volume One: North Africa June 1940 - January 1942 at page 297, as commander of "153o Gruppo CT (Derna) MC.200" in the Axis Air Order of Battle as of November 1941, just prior to Crusader;

In Volume Three: Tunisia and the End in Africa November 1942 - May 1943, at pages 417 and 421. On 31 March 1943, five Macchis took off from Sciacca, Sicily, "T.Col. Andrea Favina, the commanding officer, and one other pilot force-landed safely near Korba..."
and with the later entry, "153o Gr, 53 St CT MC.202 MM9083 force-landed near Korba, T.Col Andrea Favini (Gruppo CO) safe


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Surprisingly little info for a plane/pilot that were subject to many models…subject of multiple plane profiles online.
Thank you all for the effort.


Sorry for the delay in replying to your question.
The below is taken from Ospreys 53rd Stormo. He is mentioned book but only in his commander role. No clue to the number of victories.
I hope it helps your research.


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