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'Mussolini, the Last 10 Days, a New Investigation'


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Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini fled his villa on Lake Garda together with his German bodyguards and leading supporters on the 18th of April 1945 in a desperate attempt to escape advancing Allied armies. On the 27th he was captured by partisans in a small town on the western shore of Lake Como and shot next day alongside his lover, Claretta Petacci. The Communists claimed that he had been executed by a mysterious partisan known as Colonel Valerio, usually identified as the accountant Walter Audisio. But many alternative theories state that secret agents from the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) or the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS) were responsible. With the aid of secret wartime reports from the United Kingdom and the United States, Italian records, and first-hand accounts, the author reveals what really happened. One of the great mysteries of the Second World War is finally solved in this gripping and fast-moving account.