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Hello everyone

I am putting together a MVSN Impression and from scouring photographs and articles I noticed that many of them wore a soft black Fez. I have looked for hours trying to find the proper name of this hat and where I could purchase one but to no avail. Does anyone know where I could purchase one or any correct alternatives to this? Thank you very much.


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I was hoping one of our members better versed in the M.V.S.N. would answer. It is not my area of expertise.

My question is what rank and year(s)? Garrison uniform or field uniform?

The M.V.S.N. actually had several items of head gear. They worn the fez rigido for officers, the fez nero for enlisted, the cappello alpino for everyone, usually as part of a field /march uniform. I am not sure when they stopped wearing the cappello alpino as I don't see pictures of it during the war.

I am not sure if the fez rigido is reproduced. I haven't looked at reproduction uniforms for several years, so a bit out of touch. Since my focus of interest has been the alpini e paracadutisti, I didn't pay much attention to M.V.S.M. offerings.

The fez nero is reproduced and should be easy to find (maybe, a quick look for fez on both Ebay turned up nothing, hummmm). The fez nero is a soft fez, so don't buy anything that looks like a Turkish fez. I will look at the stores I am aware of to see if they offer anything.

Pista! Jeff