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NARA Records


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Years ago I posted the NARA publication Collection of Italian Military Records, 1935-1943 here on CS (it is under Resources on the main Comando Supremo page). The booklet discussed the history of the records and listed the microfilm rolls. The list include a general topic (i.e. Comando Supremo, XXX Cd'A, etc) for each roll, but didn't provide any information of what records were actually on each roll. Worst, the topic was mainly generic and records from other units/organizations could be found on that roll.

The booklet mentioned a finder's guide that was published in three parts. Searches on the NARA website and the internet didn't turn-up much, and certainly not a digital version of these guides. After searching, I have found two of the guides (Parts I and II) and I am seeking to find a copy of part III. These have come in quite handy as I previously ordered rolls based on a wing and a prayer. I have now placed orders for several rolls with confidence that I know what I will receive.
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