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Need some help in interpreting some information.


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In researching some family history I have come across some military codes regarding an Italian family member KIA in Neumarkt Bavieria.
Brig. G.Fin.Rep.5^Leg.UD-ex 13^Btg.in Miss. 23/2/45, Neumarkt, Baviera (bmb)
I would be grateful if anybody could tell me which unit he was in,
Brig. G.Fin.Rep.5^Leg.UD-ex 13^Btg.in Miss. 23/2/45, Neumarkt, Baviera (bmb)
G.Fin=Guardia di Finanza
Rep=Reparto (Unit)
5.a Leg UD =5.a Legione Guardia di Finanza di Udine
ex 13.Btg in Miss.= già appartenente (from/unit) al 13.o battaglione (13th battalion) in Missione (Mission to)
Neumarkt, Baviera (bmb)= Town of dead
The soldier was a Brigadiere and belonged to the 13.o battaglione della Guardia di Finanza mobilitato dalla 5.a Legione della Guardia di Finanza of Udine. The battalion was stationed in occupied Greece and depended on the command of the 11th Army of the Royal Army. In September 1943 the battalion had command at Lamia (Commander Lieutenant Colonel Modugno) with companies located in Lamia, Volos and Kalkis. With the armistice he fought against the Germans along with departments of the Pinerolo division for the entire month of September before actually being taken prisoner by the Wermacht troops. Many of the financiers, however, rejoined the Greek partisans including the former commander Martelli, who then also fell into German hands and shot in July 1944. The partisans in respect of the Italians did not disarm them but instead immediately placed them in their wards. The most prominent fight in which the 2nd company (commanded by Lieutenant Miccichè) actively participated in the battalion took place in Volos.
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