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Thank you. I'll probably be making this the place to post WWI stuff in the future since I've been meaning to make a thread for one.

I'm trying to find the actual date of this picture of the Fiat 2000 on the Carso Front.
It says 1918, which only leaves the months of Nov- December. It should coincide with Duke of Aosta's visit to the front around that time.
The only other possibility is that the photo was taken in 1919.
Thanks in advance for any help.


Internet Archive now has available for downloading:

Military Operations Italy 1915-1919 (History of the Great War based on Official Documents)​

The Preface notes that "The Italian Official Account unfortunately had not in 1939 gone farther than May 1917, and no additional volumes have since come to hand." Although apparently there were some monographs concerning specific battles issued by the Italian General Staff.

Military Operations Italy 1915-1919

At one time I discovered that the volumes of L'Esercito Italiano nella Grande Guerra 1915-18 were digitized and were available for viewing (and downloading one page at a time if I remember correctly) from this site

L'Esercito Italiano nella Grande Guerra 1915-18

The site is still there but none of the links to the individual volumes work (at least for me)


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Thank you for posting that link.

You can find all the 1GM official volumes HERE

Unfortunately the E.I site links no longer work.



Many thanks for the new link to the Italian Army's official history of WWI. I see that you can still not download them, but I can now access them again. I also see that they finished the series after WWII.

FWIW both volumes of the British official history of WWI as to Military Operations Macedonia can also be downloaded from Internet Archive. I believe that the Italian Army was involved in this campaign to some extent

Military Operations Macedonia