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Battle of Mechilli-Derna January 1941


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The volumes of official Italian Army history of the war in North Africa can be found on ISSUU, you can read them but not download them.

Part One of the first volume

And an English translation (probably by machine, and not very good) is available at Internet Archive (along with all the others, as best as I can tell)

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Jim has provided several good sources. Note that all of them are incomplete, leaving many unanswered questions.

The Australian official histories are located HERE . The first Army vol To Benghazi covers the period in question.

The first vol of the UK official, Mediterranean & Middle East vol. I is HERE .

Jim provided the links to the Montanari Italian official history. The better source for this period is the earlier Italian officials which sadly are not available on the web.

Maurizio and I are working on a book covering this period of the campaign in A.S. (Jun 40–Feb 41). It has been slow going, but hope to have it finished by early 2025.

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