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regio esercito

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    Regio Esercito - Officers

    Hello! I've a one photos with traces of blood on back side of the photo and this photo shows Officers of Regio Esercito probably before a I wordl war. Could you help me with confirmation the photo?
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    Military cap identification

    Hello! Does anyone know the vintage of this khaki visored beret? My great-grandfather reached the rank of general (brevet two-star during WWII) in the regio esercito, and while the grigio-verde cap from his dress uniform is easy enough to ID, this khaki one—it fits more like a visored beret—is...
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    The field kitchen

    Hello all. I am doing some research about my late grandfather's experiences in the Regio when he was assigned to the occupation forces in Albania. From what I understand, he was a cook and helped operate a front line field kitchen near the southern border. I have found few resources about the...
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    Infantry Company HQ Platoon TOE

    Hi, i know that the Infantry Company HQ Platoon, according to the 1930 manual "La Compagnia di Fanteria in Combattimento" and the 1931 manual "I Servizi della Fanteria" is structurated in this way: a) Executive Officer of the Company (Commander of the Command Platoon) Squadra Comando -1...
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    Evolution of the Infantry Regiment of the Regio Esercito in World War I

    Someone know the evolution of the TO&E of the Infantry regiment from 1914 to 1918?