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201.a and 202.a bersaglieri motorcicle coys


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Thank you for the link Maurizio. I have updated the 64ª cp.

Note that a cp. mtc. "23 Marzo" is listed on p.351. This indicates the d. cc.nn. might have a cp. motociclisti. The reason the 201ª and 202ª are listed as Cd'A in mid-January is that they survived the destruction of their divisions and were now attached to the corps. A possibility.
Your hypothesis that the 201st and 202nd may be none other than some of the renumbered divisional motorcyclist companies is very possible indeed, over time I too had made this hypothesis, also surrogate by the fact that the 10th and 17th companies were part of the Babini armored brigade (then the 10th was partially detached and lost in Bardia) (SME diary of the 10th army), the 63rd, 20th, 21st and 23rd companies were lost in Bardia and the 22nd and 61st were lost at Tobruk (SME diary of the 10th Army), the 62nd which had been detached from the original division and attached to the 203rd division CCNN was lost together with the Catanzaro division as was the 64th company while the 60th company was attached to the Sabratha Group and then divided and lost in many small groups. In fact, the 25th, 27th and 55th companies would remain which in fact never appear in any original document (at least found by me) therefore also the fact that from 1 June 1940 to January 1941 no bersaglieri unit appears to have arrived in AS with the exception of the 10th self-borne Bersaglieri which had no motorcycle component, it is easy to think that the two companies were assembled from the previous divisional companies ..... however it is also true that the reports of January 1941 on the consistency of the troops in AS point out that the divisions belonging to the 5th Army had not yet been rescheduled as motorcycle companies although that could still be a fact confirming their use as Army Corps units....
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