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Aegean Italian Batteries - Digital Plans


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Posted 22 March 2011 - 06:16 PM by Dili

I have discovered that our Greek friends have put online thousands of documents of Italian Egeo-Aegean. That includes also the plans of Italians coastal batteries in Egeo.

http://arxeiomnimon.gak.gr/index.html translate with Google. Go to Dodecanese Perfecture use search for "batteries" for example.

First post i have made in Axisforum with some examples: http://forum.axishis...p?f=70&t=176374
I found a blog that has some of the firing points from the Battle of Leros.
PL 388 is featured extensively. It says the battery had 4 x 102/L45 and I suppose it can be considered the inspiration for "Guns of Navarone".


Looks too big to be a 102. Looks to me like a 120.

Meh, photos can be deceiving.