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Alternate History Vehicle

I modeled my own version of the P75 projects.
I placed the rear turret in the ain gun turret just for kicks. This version supposed to have a 75/32 and I'm making one with a 90mm.
Recent fictional fix a tank competition:
Gela alternate history

R-35 with M13 turret
T-28 with 105/25
T-28 with 75mm pak
BT-5 with various guns & slope armor kit.
I think I like the intro vehicle the best. The R-35 with M13/40 turret. The T-28 with 105 isn't bad either. The BT-5 with armor kit looks a bit too modern and complicated. The bottom 2 are my own version of the P.75 projects.
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I might try this ludicrous project next.
GL series:

7000 ton tank, 35-40 meters long, maximum speed of 20 kph, and 19 guns. The armour of this tank was to withstand hits from field guns (75 mm +), and it was supposed to cross a trench 15 meters wide.

The 7000 ton might be a typo