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Artiglieria Costiera Responsibility


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During the war, was all fixed coastal artillery transferred to the Regia Marina/MILMART? If yes, when?

Relatedly, the artillery listed in the order of battles for the divisioni costieri are often labeled as artiglieria costiera, but were they actually just artiglieria campale divisionale?



It depends. All coastal cities were controlled by the army except those that had a naval base. For example La Spezia was controlled by the Navy while Genova was by the Army. In Genova the troops were army even if the guns had naval origin. So there was some sort of agreement. The area is grey because i suspect that militia(Milmart) troops might have been also detached there. But there wasn't a Milmart Legion.

The artillery of coastal divisions are called costiera because of its function, it had an heterogenic composition- including heavy guns and mortars in some - adapted to the coast and limited in mobility.