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Battle of Nikolayevka 1943.


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Hello. Question concerning the battle of Nikolayevka 1943. I have never seen a listing, either unit description or strength, of the Soviet forces pitted against the Axis in this battle.

Anyone have any info?

Thank you.


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From a thread on AHF, it appears the main Russian unit was the 143rd Guards Rifle Regiment and the division staff of the 48th Guards Rifle Division. This was a very fluid time and much was happening. In the following days the 48th GRD maneuvered its 143rd, 146th and 138th GRR (along with its ski battalion) to attempt to surround and trap the retreating forces. More fighting happened on the 27th and 28th, but the bulk of the Italians forces escaped. The presence of partisans in mentioned in most accounts.
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