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Books in English about RSI naval forces


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Below are a few English-language books I know that contain information on RSI naval forces. Can anyone recommend any others?

Black Phoenix: History and Operations of the Marina Repubblicana 1943-1945
(Vincent P. O'Hara and Enrico Cernuschi, Propeller Press 2014)

The Black Prince And The Sea Devils: The Story Of Valerio Borghese And The Elite Units Of The Decima Mas (Jack Greene and Alessandro Massignani, Da Capo Press 2004)

Italian Navy & Air Force Elite Units & Special Forces 1940–45 (Piero Crociani and Pier Paolo Battistelli, Osprey Publishing 2013)


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These two books, fully in Italian and English language, are focused on militaria, but provide some pieces of information also about the organization of the Armed Forces of the RSI (Navy included):
Fausto Sparacino, Distintivi e medaglie della RSI. RSI Badges and Medals 1943/45, Editrice Militare Italiana, Milano, 1988;
Fausto Sparacino, Distintivi e medaglie della RSI 1943/45, della Legione SS Italiana, dei Veterani della RSI. RSI Badges and Medals 1943/45. Italian SS Legion. RSI Veterans, 2nd volume, Editrice Militare Italiana, Milano, 1994.