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Build your ASI Army 10 June 1940 for offensive into Egypt


With existing equipment only:

6 motorised brigades each with 1 regiment - 4 with the regiments of Trieste and Trento plus the 2 Bersaglieri in those - so these divisions cease to exist, typical divsional artillery regiment so there is need of 4 more artillery regiments of divisional level , 61 qty tankette group along the organization of those celere Division.

Trucks for tankette movement.

1 Armored division - in practice more of a Brigade with 72 M11 39 - it could be said the Ariete.

Fictional equipment but within realistic possibilities.

Autoblindo - so Italy did not stopped their development after WW1 and have a model already or instead the complications of 4 wheel direction of Autoblinda AB41 just make something simple.
The Autoblindo should have a 47mm gun at least.
Truck mounted artillery , including with HV anti aircraft guns for AT and anti bunker work. Maybe along the lines of Breda Dovunque 90/53 from 1943 but with a 75mm gun.
Light armored APC like AS37.

With this ,drop the tankettes and the M11-39 . No tracks needed to take Egypt.
I would consider giving the N African front the full 94 M11/39s that were produced minus the 6 for training. If 23 made it to Sidi Barrani, then I don't see why at least 30-35 couldn't complete an advance to Mersa Matruh.
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British OOB as of June 1940 according to Fallen Eagles:

4th Armoured Brigade- Mersa Matruh
1 & 6th RTR
7th Armoured Brigade- Sidi Sulieman
7th & 8th Hussars
Support Group- Sidi Barrani
1st K.R.R.C. Battalion
2nd Motor Battalion The Rifle Brigade
1st Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
3rd Royal Horse Artillery
F Battery Royal Horse Artillery
11th Hussars
Cairo Infantry Brigade

Other CW in Egypt:
4th Indian Division minus one Infantry Brigade
5th & 11th Infantry Brigade- Nile Delta
6th Australian Inf. Div. (newly forming)
2nd New Zealand Div (newly forming) -Both in the Nile Delta

It's my understanding that there was at least 2 Cruiser Squadrons with usually one active while the other rested .
I don't have the exact number of Mark VI Bs, Universal carriers, Armoured Cars, or artillery.

And there's some Vickers tanks dug in at Mersa:
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