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CAD Models

This is a place for 3d models. I'll be posting models I come across while surfing the internet. There's an excellent Fiat 2000 3d diorama from tank encyclopedia that I'll try to post. For now all I have is my Pavesi wire cutter. It's not completely accurate and I'm quite the beginner.

Giganaut's P40 from WOT forum:


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Working on a Fiat 2000 and Turrinelli.
I'm gonna properly scale them when I'm finished.
Turrinelli 8m long
4,15 wide
4.65 high

Fiat 2000
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I wanted to get a rough size comparison of the Fiat 2000 next to the turrinelli.
It turns out the turrinelli isn't really larger than the fiat 2000 after all. The wire cutters in the front and rear take up much of the length. The turrinelli is much higher though.

Bar on the left is 8m , bar on the right is

The height for the Turrinelli doesn't work out correctly in a drawing/model. In order to achieve that height you would have to add another armor plate to cover the distance which would completely change the vehicle shown in the drawing. On the drawing, the suspension and triangular bracket alone make up about 1/4 of the height.


I'm thinking the observation turret was gonna get some sort of retractable periscope which would explain the height difference.

Notice the notches in the drawing: