Cannone da 75/49 or 75/50


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Cannone da 75/49 or 75/50, Anyone have data on how many they received and when ?

What units used them, exc..

Raspin, The Italian War Economy

This is a repeat of a Post I made on the Axis History forum, any help would be apricated


Yes, besides there weren't any 75/49 in Africa.
My number total for 75/50 is 110 or a little over 100 all came via Germany. I have that the last to arrive were for the MACA(anti aircraft militia) were in March 43 to protect Val d'Aosta industries.
No, i mentioned over 100 gruppi contra aerei(Anti aircraft groups) from 20mm to 90mm . Notice when i in the Axis forum say it is difficult to get the Groups with lower calibers.
Also all these numbers only respects the Regio Esercito - does not include MACA and Milmart(naval coastal defence).
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