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Casualties of the 3° Alpini Divisione Julia


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I am looking for a complete list of casualties following the 3° Alpini Divisione Julia between October 28th, 1940 and their final withdrawal from the front on January 6th, 1941. I have the following official regimental losses of the 9th Regiment, which only covers two of the five battalions. Can anyone provide the remaining statistics for the 8th regiment and 3rd Artillery regiment?

9° Regiment Casualties

Regimental Headquarters company -
Officers: 5 killed: total 5
Troops: 3 killed, 8 wounded, 2 missing, 2 frostbitten: total 15

Vicenza Battalion -
Officers: 11 dead, 8 injured, 1 ill, 2 frostbitten: total 22
Troops: 65 dead, 318 injured, 71 ill, 60 frostbitten, 92 missing: total 606

Aquila Battalion -
Officers: 11 dead,13 injured, 4 ill, total 28
Troops: 94 dead, 482 injured, 30 ill, 67 frostbitten, 49 missing: total 722

Support nucleus-
Officers: 2 dead,1 injured: total 3
Troops: 2 dead, 4 wounded, 4 ill: total 10

29th Mule trains Department -
Officer: 1 injured, 1 ill: total 2
Troops: 3 dead, 18 injured, 26 ill, 3 missing: total 50

Health Section -
Officers: 1 dead, 1 wounded: total 2
Troops: 3 dead, 10 injured, 2 missing: total 15

Fatuzzo, Giacomo. The Death of the Julia Division. Translation by Laura Marie Fatuzzo. (2014), pg. 260
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None of my sources provides the info you are looking for at that level of detail.


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Hi Jeff,

no worries, I don’t necessarily require a detailed list of the casualties. Do you happen to have an overall casualties of the 8° Regiment and 3° artillery regiment between the specified dates?