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Catanzaro Division



A long text of its constitution and arrival.

PS: To Franco, it seems its regiments arrived after 1 June 1940 so we have probably about +8000? men arriving to be added to the Allegati 4 and 5 before 10 June.


Article very interesting, need a style and technical revision, but very informative on the operations

the allegato 5 had it, actually imho around 6,000


The ToE data on the article
pg. 108: CCNN Division 30th august 1939 structure, i left it in italian for take out trouble with the translation, i suppose this is pacetime organization
2 Legioni CCNN, su tre battaglioni ciascuna
reggimento artiglieria su due gruppi da 75/27, un gruppo da 100/17, due batterie da 65/17, due batterie da 20mm
battaglione mitraglieri
battaglione misto genio
sezione sanità
sezione sussitenza
autosezione mista

in all 348 ufficiali, 392 sottufficiali and 6851 militari di truppa, plus 9 civilian

equipment: 170 fucili mitragliatori, 128 mitragliatrici, 58* mortai da 45, 24 75/27, 12 100/17, 8 65/17, 12 20mm, 197 automezzi vari, 36 trattori, 85 motomezzi
* i think this is a error, 9x6 is 54, the 45 mm mortars had 3 weapons squad. Confirmed in the table a page 311 is reported 54.

CCNN btg structure
3 compagnie fucilieri
compagnia mitraglieri

29 ufficiali, 27 sottufficiali, 678 militari di truppa
equipment: 9 mortai da 45 (in the Comando), 27 fucili mitragliatori, 12 mitragliatrici, 1 autovettura, 4 autocarri, 1 motociclo

it's noted at the start of war, with the "formazioni di guerra" the legioni would have acquired the 81mm mortar coy and the 65/17 battery, this from the artillery rgt. the 47/32 coy were assigned in later times.
All the units aout the legions were of RE, i suppose minus some element of HQ staff, the commander is from CCNN at example.

On the particular the "21 Gennaio" was under strength mainly in ufficiali and sottufficiali and vehicles, there was not the battaglione mitraglieri (203rd).

pg. 113: AS 40 Division structure
Compagnia motociclisti
Compagnia da 47/32 (6 ufficiali and 120 other ranks)
2 Reggimenti fanteria su 3 battaglioni, una compagnia mortai da 81 e una batteria da 65/17
Battaglione mitraglieri
Reggimento artiglieria su due gruppi da 75727, un gruppo da 100/17, due batterie da 20mm
battaglione misto genio su una compagnia collegamenti (5 ufficiali, 12 sottufficiali and 151 di truppa) and una compagnia zappatori-artieri
sezione sanità
sezione sussitenza
autosezione mista
Battaglione complementi
Battaglione carri L (possible only)

453 ufficiali, 594 sottoufficiali, 9931 militari di truppa
equipment: 262 fucili mitragliatori, 232 mitragliatrici, 111 mortai da 45, 12 mortai da 81, 8 65/17, 8 47/32, 24 75/27, 12 100/17, 16 da 20mm, 46 L-3 (possibly), 398 automezzi, 249 motomezzi, 36 trattori, 180 biciclette

Later, after the war start, they get an other 2 47/32, and 12 ATR Solothurn.

Actually the Catanzaro the 25th July '40 had 378 ufficiali and 9928 other ranks, and only 98 autoveicoli.
Still at december '40 they had not the 81 mortars, the coy were used as workers
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